Understanding Employee Psychology to Accelerate Business Growth With Jackie Lord (Ep. 7)

Understanding Employee Psychology to Accelerate Business Growth With Jackie Lord (Ep. 7)

You could hire the best of the best and still not achieve the growth rate you should. 

Why is that?

Because the employees aren’t in the right positions for their mindset.

In this episode, Jim Cascino is joined by Jackie Lord, Executive Advisor at Culture Index and Founder and CEO of Elevate Consulting Group, in discussing the human psychology behind placing the right people in the right positions. Jackie shares examples of how she leveraged data to understand human behaviour and apply it to the workforce.

Jackie discusses:

  • How data can be applied to human behaviour and analyzed
  • The difference between autonomy and autonomous employees
  • Why employers need a balance between independent thinkers and rule followers within the workplace
  • How employee engagement and energy levels can predict  an employee quitting
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Jackie Lord is a highly sought-after trusted advisor and Leadership Effectiveness Consultant with over 20 years of experience working with growth-focused businesses, from local Arizona start-ups to global organizations such as Amazon, Boeing, and JP Morgan Chase. She has a proven track record of infusing the human element back into the business and driving massive top and bottom-line growth through her unique methodology of “Aligning People with Profit.”

Jackie’s approach to Leadership Effectiveness and Employee Engagement is rooted in her belief in others. By guiding CEOs and high-performance visionaries to exponentially grow and streamline their operations using analytical data and behavioral knowledge. She uses Applied Psychometric Analytics based on 7 hard-wired work-related traits to implement consistent benchmarks for all positions, employees, and prospective job candidates. By applying data to humans, she aligns people with profit to get the right people in the right seats for radical scalability and growth.

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