Conversations from the 19th Hole with Dave Bisbee (Ep. 8)

Conversations from the 19th Hole with Dave Bisbee (Ep. 8)

Most business owners want to build their businesses and generate new clients. Many business owners also want to play golf. Why not combine the two and create a powerful business development approach with a very high ROI. 

In this episode, Jim Cascino speaks with Dave Bisbee, General Manager and Director of Seven Canyons Sedona Golf Club, and explores the value of golf as a business development tool and how it can help executives and companies grow. They discuss the importance of golf for building existing relationships and networking new connections.

Dave discusses:

  • How he got into golf
  • Why business owners should consider encouraging client/prospect golf as a viable business tool
  • How smaller businesses can benefit from leveraging golf as a networking tool
  • The importance of strategic behavior on the golf course in building business relationships
  • And more

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