Positioning Reveals Your True North in the Marketplace with Tim Manning (Ep. 2)

Positioning Reveals Your True North in the Marketplace with Tim Manning (Ep. 2)

A key role of marketing is to showcase your product or service in the best possible light, turning prospects into customers. Successfully positioning your company and its brand is the path.

In this episode of Into the C-Suite, Jim Cascino speaks with Tim Manning, founder and CEO of GrowthShift, a marketing strategy firm. Tim shares how a powerful and articulate positioning strategy, well executed, has an enormous impact on a company’s success at scale. 

Jim and Tim discuss: 

  • Why the interplay between positioning and branding is so important and how they should be approached 
  • The importance of checking in with your market regularly to be sure your positioning continues to align with the needs of your market
  • Why the pandemic has significantly destabilized conditions for marketers, and how companies have successfully pivoted in response
  • Facebook’s transition to Meta, and how the repositioning and rebranding allow more opportunity for the company 
  • How to position your company to successfully compete with the biggest, best known competitors in your space 
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

B2B tech strategist with more than 25 years leading marketing for numerous tech start-ups, and passionate about helping middle market companies differentiate and grow. Tim launched GrowthShift in 2016 to become a leading B2B tech strategy consultancy specializing in positioning and messaging. GrowthShift helps companies translate their market opportunity in a way that resonates with customers, investors and markets.

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