Face Your Capital Crisis Head On with Jim Burke (Ep. 3)

Face Your Capital Crisis Head On with Jim Burke (Ep. 3)

As you’re building a business, candor, honesty and over-communication with your financial team is never a bad idea—because what happens if the money stops flowing and you find yourself with a lack of capital? You’ll be at the mercy of your financial partners.

But what options do you have if you find yourself in a severe financial crisis, with inadequate capital in order to meet your growth forecast?

In this episode, Jim Cascino speaks with Jim Burke, founder and CEO of Burke Capital, and senior advisor at C-Suite Advisors. Jim Burke discusses how he works with CEOs and executives to address capital crises that can arise when businesses find themselves in a severe financial crisis. He discusses his expertise in capital structuring, how he performs turnarounds with companies, and shares the ways he addresses the fundamental issues within that critical point of a company’s financial situation.

Jim and Jim discuss: 

  • The role Jim Burke plays in helping companies recover from a severe financial crisis
  • Capital structuring and cash management as a fundamental component of a successful business
  • Jim Burke’s sources of traditional and non-traditional capital
  • How he performs a turnaround with a company and the amount of time the process takes
  • When Jim Burke and his team may be appointed as interim CEO or CFO
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

As founder of Burke Capital, Jim is a proven executive leader, having served as CEO and board member for numerous public and private companies. His innovative “Out-of-Court” turnaround practice has now become an industry standard. As a strategic problem-solver, Jim brings clarity and wisdom to many difficult situations.

Notable successes include CEO and board member for LTD Ceramics and Strasbaugh, in the semiconductor equipment industry; board member for NetsWork and Telpro Technologies, in the data communications space; CRO of both SBMC, a precision metal fabricator; and Arix Computer a mainframe computer manufacturer. Burke has advised and restructured dozens more distressed companies over his distinguished career.

Additionally with a background as a senior credit officer for Wells Fargo and Union Banks, he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for startups, growth companies, restructures, and acquisitions. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia. He actively participates in the Turnaround Management Association, Bay Area Bankruptcy Forum, and he serves on the managing board of the San Jose Attorney, Bankers & CPA Association.

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